How to Dress and Act When at the Temple (Latter Day Saints) if You're Not a Mormon?

Answer As a temple visitor, you will be restricted to locations such as a Visitors' CenterMaybe your Mormon daughter is getting married. Maybe you promised a friend that you'd pick them up from proxy bapt... Read More »

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How to Prepare to Go to the Temple (Latter Day Saints)?

Going to the Temple for the first time is a big moment in your life. But whether you're going for your Endowments, a wedding or a family sealing, there are some wonderful ways you can prepare for t... Read More »

How to Get Married in a Mormon Temple?

If you are already LDS (Latter Day Saint aka Mormon), you and your partner just need to be temple worthy. Go and talk to your bishop and he'll get you on the right path.

How to Join the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)?

Salt Lake City TempleAccording to its own doctrines, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (colloquially known as the "Mormon Church") is a unique restoration of the original Church estab... Read More »

How to Dress for a Casual Mormon Dance?

If you find yourself invited to a Mormon (Latter-day Saint) dance, you may be wondering what is appropriate to wear. Latter-day Saint youth pride themselves on being modest. They dress with respect... Read More »