How to Dress a Young Girl for a Wedding?

Answer How pretty! If you want to find out how to dress a young girl for a wedding like this one, read on.Do you want your little princess to look good for your wedding?

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Can anyone give me a link to a picture of the wedding dress from the ABC family mini-series Samurai Girl?

There isn't one on Starchoice. Theres other ABC channels. Everything but ABC family..

Who designed the wedding dress for the movie'My Best Friend's Wedding'?

Jeffrey Kurland designed the wedding dress worn by Cameron Diaz in "My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Kurland’s film career began in 1978. He is best known for having worked on 18 Woody Allen films... Read More »

Can a girl who's short when young could be taller when big than who's young tall?

Yes, why is you daughter or something short? Anyone can be tall's in their genes

In season 3 of what I like about you Val- Jennie Garth almost marrys her high shool boyfriend Rick- who designs the wedding dress that she was going to wear shown in the episode the wedding 2?