How to Dress a Chest Wound?

Answer Prompt and appropriate first aid treatment may mean the difference between life and death for the victim of a chest wound. The threat of one or both lungs collapsing is a scary, and extremely possi... Read More »

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Why must you seal an open chest wound?

This stops air from entering the chest cavity, and prevents collapsing the lung.

Why seal open chest wound?

Prevent air from entering the potential space in the pariatal lining and collapsing the lung.

For EMS, if your patient has a sucking chest wound and is bleeding, what do you cover first?

Rather than answer this directly I am going to teach you how to think this through. The most important thing is ABC's so lets dissect that. Do either wound comprimise the Airway? No. Do either woun... Read More »

How to Dress to Minimize a Large Chest?

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