How to Dress Your Daughter For Morning Kindergarten Class?

Answer Getting up seems hard enough; dressing up your daughter for kindergarten seems like a cruel and unusual punishment. Here is a article that will help get you through this.

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Ways to Begin Your Kindergarten Class in the Morning?

Getting kindergarten students off to a positive start helps set the tone for the entire school day. Establishing a predictable morning schedule lets your students know what to expect and allows the... Read More »

My daughter in kindergarten is getting in trouble for talking in class....?

You can help a little with bribing her, but you cannot change her personality. Ask the teacher to send you home a note with a number of 1-5 on it each day: 1 for being very noisy and 5 for being ... Read More »

What more can i do to help get my daughter up to speed with the rest of her kindergarten class?

i was smartest in my class from kindergarten to about 6th grade. my mom ALWAYS used to read with me. get her some fun picture books, and read with her, let her see the words, help her sound the eas... Read More »

Why would your mother not let you wear your leotard outside of dance class when you want it for early morning jogs?

Answer I dont know. Is she old fashion and think that you have to dress a certain way to dance then to job? Is she worried about what people think? What does she have to say about this? They do ma... Read More »