How to Dress With Style?

Answer Cost does not equal style. That's right - you read that last line correctly. Who ever decided that only expensive things look good? Style is a matter of knowing what fits your body, how to put piec... Read More »

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Do you have a style icon Someone that inspires the way you dress, or would like to dress?

not one in particular..but if i see an outfit i like, whether on the streets, or TV, or magazines..i take a mental photograph of it and then try to emulate it with whatever i have in my ... Read More »

How do you do the style of a top and dress?

It's explained pretty well in this video :) It's the second look she shows, when she's on the train…

How to Dress to Fit Your Style?

No one ever knows if they look good or not, 99% of the time people lie to make you feel better. So, you need to take control and see what YOU look good in and don't leave it up to other people to d... Read More »

What style of dress is this?