How to Dress Well As a Tall Girl?

Answer Being 72 inches (6 feet) tall , it is difficult to fit in. As friends learn to walk in heels, you're still wearing flats. Don't worry - even though you may feel awkward at times about your height, ... Read More »

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How to Dress Well As a Tall and Thin Man?

There are many things that a tall and thin man can do to bring the emphasis on him- and not on his height and weight. Here are a number of simple tips to make dressing/shopping easy.

How tall is tall for a 7 year old girl?

There is no fixed rate for growth, a child is a child. Some are tall and some are small. Personally i was 5 foot 1" when i left school at 15 i am now 6 foot and 44. Growth patterns have many facto... Read More »

Right well I'm 14 and I am 5.2 tall and I weigh 93.6 lbs?

You are in the normal, healthy weight range for a girl your age and height.... although you are in the low part of the range: you could stand to gain a few pounds: trust me, it won't make you look ... Read More »

How to Dress Well As a Guy?

By dressing well, guys can give off the appearance of being confident, attractive, put-together men that any firm would want to hire and any woman would want to date. One's attire is one of the fir... Read More »