How to Dress Up as a Greek God?

Answer Coming up with an original idea for a costume can be a challenge, whether for Halloween or any other costume party. Making a costume yourself can be much less expensive than buying or renting one, ... Read More »

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How to Make a Greek Dress at Home for Fun?

Have you ever wanted to play 'Greek' home, but you don't have a Greek dress? Well, you can make one with just a bed sheet! Not much fashionable, but a great dress for fun!

Greek Mythology Dress Up Games?

Elementary school students respond well to opportunities to combine active, imaginative play with subjects of study. Involve your fourth, fifth or sixth graders in games that combine dramatic role ... Read More »

In what type of clothing did the Greek chorus originally dress?

The tragic Greek chorus originally wore padded clothing, thick-soled shoes, large masks and long robes. The comic Greek chorus, on the other hand, wore thin-soled shoes and smaller masks with disto... Read More »

How did greek art&architecture reflect greek ideas?

Ancient Greece left behind an important body of ideological and scientific thought, as well as many works of art and architecture. From Rome to the Renaissance, the impact of Greek art and ideology... Read More »