How to Dress Up As Pastel from Twinbee?

Answer This is for girls only. Trick-or-Treat as Twinbee's player 2, Pastel.

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How to Dress Up As Light from Twinbee?

This is for boys only. Wanna be the main character from Twinbee? Then follow the steps.

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How to dress like those pastel goths you see on tumblr. This tutorial is for both guys and girls but as a warning for the guys is that it is typically a girls style and it will take a lot of confid... Read More »

How to Be a Pastel?

To learn how to be a pastel you need to learn the concepts of the other styles before this one. Like emo, scene, raver, indie, and rainbow. After you learned those you can now be a pastel. Pastels ... Read More »

How to Be a Pastel Goth?

Want to look like one of those ultra trendy pastel goths with the pastel hair and inverted crosses? Read on to learn how to achieve this look!