How to Dress Someone Up?

Answer Do you have a friend or family member who doesn't seem to look nice in whatever they wear? Glamming up someone else will be all the more fun when you share your clothes, make up and ideas.

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Do you have a style icon Someone that inspires the way you dress, or would like to dress?

not one in particular..but if i see an outfit i like, whether on the streets, or TV, or magazines..i take a mental photograph of it and then try to emulate it with whatever i have in my ... Read More »

How do I add a dress to someone in photoshop?

Open Your ImagesOpen two images in Photoshop, one of the person who will get the dress and one of the actual dress, by clicking "File," "Open" and "Browse." Double-click both images so they open in... Read More »

Can someone tell me where to buy this dress online?

How about this? There are a lot of dresses (mostly cocktail dresses) in these sites.. Read More »

How do I dress my baby so that someone will take it?

pineapple don't you have anything else to do than get these mommies upset. lmao some of them thought you were serious and got really worked up about it.