How to Dress Really Randomly?

Answer Do you ever wish that you could dress randomly, but nicely! Maybe you're sick of trying to fit in with the "fashionistas" or don't have enough money for designer clothes. Whatever the reason, this ... Read More »

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How to Really Dress an Apple Shape Body?

If you have come from desperation and tears from your apple shaped body, you have (hopefully) come to the right place. Sick of those sites that tell you to dress in a way that you think would EMPHA... Read More »

Do people in New York really dress like the characters in Friends?

umm there are a lot of people in new york so yes, people in new york dress that way. but people in new york also dress every other way humanly possible. keep in mind the majority of that show was f... Read More »

How to Convince Your Principal to Stop Using a Really Strict Dress Code?

Some public schools have started to adopt stricter dress codes in recent years. Here are some ways you can influence the principal to change his or her mind and to relax the rules a little.

How to Make a Dress Like a Taffeta Prom Dress or Cocktail Dress?

A homemade prom dress is like no other dress at the dance as it does not come from the same rack as every other dress. The maker has the benefit of choosing a color that best suits her skin tone. T... Read More »