How to Dress Nice In Front of Girls?

Answer Are girls always commenting negatively about your wardrobe? Trying to impress a girl, not disgust her? Read on.

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Is this a nice dress?

Is this a nice prom dress?

You look good in it. Personally, I don't like the dress. With your body I think that you could do much better!Good luck!! ♥

How to Dress Nice on a Budget for Men?

Appearances have a big impact. Whether you're at work or on a date, the way a man dresses is going to communicate whether he took the time to look his best. The good news is that men don't have to ... Read More »

What is your opinion about this dress,is it nice?

It's great and very stylish. And it doesn't matter if other people don't like it, because it's your style and you should be proud of it - Be unique.