How to Dress Modern Victorian?

Answer Here's how to look like a modern Queen Vic!

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How did people dress in the Victorian era in England?

The reign of English Queen Victoria lasted from 1837 until 1901. The fashions of the time were marked by modesty and formality and lacked the flamboyance of the Edwardian era that followed.The Role... Read More »

How Did Girls Dress in School During the Victorian Age?

Though it's easy to imagine the Victorian girl trimmed in pastel ruffles and lace with her hair tied back in a bow, there wasn't just one look for Victorian schoolgirl.

How to Make a DIY Modern Art Dress?

Looking for a way to add some color, fun and creativity to your wardrobe? Try this easy DIY fashion tutorial for making your own modern art dress using Rit fabric dye. Inspired by Rothko, this colo... Read More »

How to Dress Like a Modern Flapper?

You've always wanted to dress like one of those cool flapper girls from the 1920s, but you want to be modern at the same time, help is on the way!