How to Dress Like a Suicide Bomber?

Answer Want to be a suicide bomber for Halloween?  Making a movie with a terrorist in it?  Or just want to freak out your friends?

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Once a bee stings a person, that bee will die, like a suicide bomber, is it true ?

Yes , but those little dudes are willing to die to give you serious punishment . but , that is why you can just stand still and it won't sting , cause it does not want to .

Who plays Sam the suicide bomber in Criminal Minds?

In what country were seven CIA agents killed by a suicide bomber in Jan 2010?

of course they do, they just shoot the first person they see and walk away. Even check on Google history

What makes the b-2 bomber fly so well?

The flying wing is an aerodynamic shape, but it is inherently unstable. Consequently the B-2 is flown by the use of computer which assist the pilot (who uses "fly-by-wire" electronic and servo cont... Read More »