How to Dress Like a Preppy Punk Girl?

Answer Do you want to be skater, stylish and cool? It's super simple to be a skater punk, if you follow these steps.

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How to Be Preppy Punk?

Have you ever wanted to be popular? Get good grades and still get to wear that new lip gloss? But do you listen to punk music, like black, and have a wild side? Well if you do keep reading this art... Read More »

How to Go From Punk to Preppy?

Maybe your parents are moving you to Nantucket in the summer. Maybe you don't feel like punk has any meaning anymore. Maybe you've seen a J. Crew catologue and realized your true calling.

How to Go from Being Preppy to Being Crust Punk?

How does one go from dressing in pastels and bright colors, listening to pop music, and playing sports such as tennis, football, and volleyball to dressing in grungy clothing, going to crust punk s... Read More »

What's my style Preppy, punk, ect...?

You seem to dress a lot like I do, which is definitely not preppy or emo. But it's just fashionable. Some people might refer to it as "glam."