How to Dress Like a Fashion Model?

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How to Become a Fashion Print Model?

Being a model can be a lucrative and enjoyable career, but does take some persistence to achieve. There is a lot of competition in the modeling world, so you have to be able to set yourself apart. ... Read More »

How to Be a Fashion Catalogue Model?

The job of a fashion catalogue model is no easy undertaking. As a model, you are required to hold uncomfortable poses for lengthy periods of time, maintain a near perfect physique and travel to som... Read More »

Fashion Model Job Description?

In order to display and promote fashion collections in the best light, fashion models are employed to visually enhance such items. The job of a fashion model may include a variety of tasks, such as... Read More »

How is look of model altered in fashion photography?

The main changes include photoshopping. A fashion model's blemishes are airbrushed out, flyaway strands of hair are removed and the model's complexion and other bare areas of skin are usually smoot... Read More »