How to Dress Like Edmund in Dawn Treader?

Answer In Dawn Treader, Edmund has to rise up to the challenge of being the higher king and along with that he has to protect his cousin Eustace and his little sister Lucy here are his outfits in Dawn Tre... Read More »

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How to Dress Like Edmund Pevensie in Prince Caspian?

Edmund is the character who changes the most in Prince Caspian. He still has a sarcastic attitude but he uses it only when necessary, and he is no longer a bratty little boy; he is a wise handsome ... Read More »

How to Dress Up As Dawn from Pokemon?

This shows you how to dress up as the character, Dawn from the Anime, Pokemon.

How to Appreciate Sir Edmund Hillary?

Statue of Hillary, Watching Mt. CookSir Edmund Hillary is one of the 20th century's greatest adventurers. Keep reading to learn more about appreciating this man and his exploits.

What did Edmund Halley discover?

Edmund Halley discovered the comet known more recently as Comet Halley, or Halley's Comet. He recognized and studied a comet in 1682 and calculated that it would return in 1758. Around 1684, Halley... Read More »