How to Dress For a School with a Formal Dress Code?

Answer So, you go to a school with a formal, 'office' dress code, but still want to be comfortable and individual? It's a tricky thing to accomplish, but get it right and both your teachers and your frien... Read More »

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How to Dress at a School with a Relaxed Dress Code?

Some independent schools have 'relaxed' dress codes, or dress codes that aren't quite as drab as -- let's say -- Catholic schools. These are just some tips on how to dress without stepping outside ... Read More »

How to Dress Like an Individual at a School With a Dress Code?

More and more schools all over the world are imposing stricter dress codes or uniform requirements on students. While administrators claim these measures encourage equality and proper behavior and ... Read More »

Etiquette Rules for a Formal Dress Code?

If you've been invited to a dinner, wedding, or other formal occasion, it's best to brush up on the social rules governing this type of event. Part of formal etiquette includes knowing how to dress... Read More »

Are there any restaurants in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN where there is a formal dress code?

I live in Minnesota and have dined at lot of fancy restaurants where men are wearing suits and neckties and women wearing a dress or business suits.However, I have never heard of a restaurant that ... Read More »