How to Dress As Emeril Lagasse for Halloween?

Answer If you like Emeril Lagasse, The cook on TV, here's a way to dress up as him this Halloween!

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Is the Emeril Lagasse stainless steel cookware non-reactive?

According to Martha Stewart Living, stainless steel and tin are non-reactive metals, so Emeril Lagasse's stainless steel cookware is non-reactive. Reactive metals include non-coated aluminum, cast ... Read More »

On an Emeril show, Emeril had a tour of his favorite hole in the wall restaurants New Orleans. What are some?

Try Mother's, Coop's, Igor's, The Coffee Pot, Yo Mama's, Captain Sal's or We Never Close. There are a million dives here that out do anything you'll find anywhere else. Whatever you do avoid Land... Read More »

How to Dress As Mushroomhead for Halloween?

Mushroomhead is a heavy metal band from Cleveland Ohio formed in 1993. Wanna dress up as them for Halloween? Well read this man!

How to Dress As a Cute Cat for Halloween?

A black cat. A Goth cat. One of those skinny black cats with green eyes that lurk in the dark on Halloween - or the ones who run around door to door taking candy!