How to Draw the Wolf Link from Twilight Princess?

Answer This article will tell you how to draw the wolf Link from Twilight Princess and hope you will enjoy it

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How to Get the Fishing Rod on Twilight Princess?

Getting the fishing rod on Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess can be confusing at first and also, it's one of the items you have to get in order to advance further in the beginning of the game. Her... Read More »

How to Defeat a Darknut (Twilight Princess)?

The sword-weilding version of a DarknutThe Darknut is an intimidating figure; heavily armored, about twice as tall as Link, and armed with a huge axe and a formidable broadsword. The Darknut is one... Read More »

How to Defeat Ganon on Twilight Princess?

Ganon as he appears on Twilight PrincessSo, you've finally gotten to the last boss Ganon and don't know what to do? Intimidated by his horrid size? He's not as hard as he looks. By following these ... Read More »

How to Beat Ganondorf in Twilight Princess?

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