How to Draw the Human Form?

Answer The human form has been a subject of artwork since time immemorial. The first human-like figures were made to represent deities for spiritual purposes. The great number of stone sculptures created ... Read More »

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How to Draw a Human Eye?

This will teach you how to draw realistic human eyes.

Was beast boy form teen titans ever human?

when he was very small like 2 or 3 but then he got a virus and that made him green. Yes. Garfield Logan was fully human for a few years before he became Beast Boy.

How to Draw the Human Trunk?

The human trunk consists of the torso region of the figure. It excludes the head and limbs, although it provides the foundation for these body parts. Drawing the trunk provides a helpful study of a... Read More »

How to Draw Human Faces?

Drawing is a rewarding craft. Besides being lots of fun, learning to draw a realistic face is a key skill to learn to pursue the art of drawing and making a living by it. It takes practice, but not... Read More »