How to Draw the Human Form?

Answer The human form has been a subject of artwork since time immemorial. The first human-like figures were made to represent deities for spiritual purposes. The great number of stone sculptures created ... Read More »

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Was beast boy form teen titans ever human?

when he was very small like 2 or 3 but then he got a virus and that made him green. Yes. Garfield Logan was fully human for a few years before he became Beast Boy.

How to Draw a Human Eye?

This will teach you how to draw realistic human eyes.

How to Draw Human Feet?

Let’s draw human feet. It’s a very simple tutorial. Note: You will need papers, pencils, pencil sharpener, razor gum, felt pen acrylics or crayons.

How to Draw Human Anatomy?

Drawing human anatomy, also known as figure drawing, is a necessity to learn for any student of art. You will want to begin by choosing which human body system you plan to draw, such as the skeleto... Read More »