How to Draw the Backs of Shoes?

Answer If you are drawing a picture of the back perspective of people, you need to learn how to realistically draw the backs of shoes. You must learn how to draw the backs of two different categories of s... Read More »

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How to Draw the Backs of Women?

The back creates a "line of symmetry" in the body, according to the Drawing Professor website. Women's backs generally have more curve to them than men's backs, which creates a more hour-glass shap... Read More »

What Are the Draw Backs of Distance Learning?

While distance learning can provide some significant benefits for students unwilling or unable to travel to the school of their choice, its drawbacks must be considered. The reality of an electroni... Read More »

What are 2 benefits and 2 draw backs of using solar ovens?

because propane is an even burning gas and is easier to make more or less concentrated

How to Draw Shoes?

Shoes aren't always easy to draw, but they can be interesting to draw because they have a lot of shape and a lot of personality. Here are a few pointers on getting them to come out right.