How to Draw the Back of a Leg?

Answer When drawing the back of the leg, carefully observe the anatomy of human body. If you look at the legs of several people, you will find an endless variety of appearance in their forms. From short a... Read More »

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How is it that you name when you draw some black and white photograph and then you draw it back in a grid and you go square by square?

The process you have described is called a grid transfer copying. The grid process has been developed for use in computer imaging as well. It is very useful for comparing proportions and getting th... Read More »

How to Draw the Back of a Head?

When many people think of portrait art, images of the human face come to mind. Capturing the back of the head with realistic detail and proportion remains an essential skill to draw people. To draw... Read More »

Can You Get Taxes Back If You Draw Unemployment?

Different sources of income are taxed at different rates, and this can cause quite a bit of confusion when tax time rolls around. It is sometimes difficult for taxpayers who've become accustomed to... Read More »

How to Do a Simple Hair Twist Draw Back?

This is a really easy hair style to do, which looks lovely and free.