How to Draw on Whiteboards?

Answer Whiteboards, or dry erase boards, are hard, smooth white surfaces that can be used to make lists, convey information and leave notes. The boards are used in boardrooms, classrooms, kitchens and off... Read More »

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DIY Whiteboards?

A whiteboard is a surface that allows you to write with a marker and wipe the writing away easily. These boards are popular for use in schools, offices and many other work environments. Children en... Read More »

How to Use Whiteboards?

Have a whiteboard but no purpose for it? This article will give you some ideas.

How to Make Whiteboards?

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Who invented whiteboards?

While it is not known for certain who invented the first whiteboard, it is widely accepted that the first whiteboards were created by a company in the United Kingdom called Magiboards. According to... Read More »