How to Draw an Octagon on Graph Paper?

Answer The octagon is a basic polygonal shape consisting of eight sides. A regular octagon consists of eight equal sides and angles. The stop sign is a common and recognizable regular octagon. You can dra... Read More »

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How to Draw a Pentagon on Graph Paper?

The most familiar form of the pentagon is the regular pentagon. Its sides are of equal length and each of its interior angles is 108 degrees. Artists like Albrecht Dürer, along with numerous mathe... Read More »

How to Draw an Octagon With a Compass?

Famously depicted on stop signs, the octagon is any eight-sided polygon, no matter its shape. Although the classification of octagon contains all eight-sided shapes, the term usually brings to mind... Read More »

How to Draw an Octagon & Triangle in a Square?

Drawing a square or triangle is simple because they only have a few sides that are all the same length. Moving on to hexagons, pentagons or octagons gets to be a little trickier because of the mult... Read More »

How to Draw a Graph?

The definition of a graph is: a diagram (as a series of one or more points, lines, line segments, curves, or areas) that represents the variation of a variable in comparison with that of one or mor... Read More »