How to Draw an Indian Warrior?

Answer Native American Indians were known to be brave warriors. They were fierce adversaries when at war with neighboring tribes. Some Indian nations tried banding together to repel foreign invaders. As ... Read More »

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How to Draw a Warrior Cat?

This an easy how-to-create/draw article to help you enjoy the part of making your own warrior cat with satisfaction.

How to Draw a Chinese Warrior?

Pictures of the terracotta army of China represent some of the world's most fascinating images. Each face of this clay army is different, making this subject one that offers many possibilities for ... Read More »

How to Draw an Indian Girl?

When an artist first learns to draw, one of the most challenging subjects is often the human face. In order to portray a human face, an artist must pay close attention to the details of the individ... Read More »

How to Draw Indian Women?

Indian women (women from India) are characterized by smooth features and often bear a red or black dot on their foreheads. This dot is called a bindi and often symbolizes the marital status of an I... Read More »