How to Draw a Zombie Head?

Answer Zombies are a staple of the horror genre and appear in movies, video games and art. If you are creating a drawing, you can learn how to draw a zombie head to implement into your work and scare and ... Read More »

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How to Draw a Cat's Head?

Drawing your favorite kitty cat or a particular breed is a pastime of many animal lovers. The most distinct aspect of the cat is probably the head and the face so it makes sense that many would pre... Read More »

How to Draw the Head of a Cow?

A cow has a simple shape, but sometimes drawing one is more difficult than it looks. So rather than draw the whole cow right away, start with the head. The best way to draw a cow's head is to imagi... Read More »

How to Draw a Dog Head?

Stuck drawing cartoons of dog faces and dogs? Have you ever stared at your dog or other people's dogs and wished that your drawings could be that realistic? Well, chances are they won't be, but you... Read More »