How to Draw a Tunnel Leading to a Light?

Answer The light at the end of a tunnel is a common metaphor for crossing over from life to the afterlife. It is also just a common sight when driving through a tunnel or under an overpass. The key to lea... Read More »

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How to Draw an Ant Tunnel?

So you see ant mounds sometimes when going somewhere and wonder what its like inside and wish to make one?Well you cant make one like that in real life but you can on paper and here is how.

Is there always light at the end of the tunnel?

Yes - But sometimes its just somebody with a torch bringing you more problemsBest Wishes

What's that light at the end of the tunnel?

Stop looking staring that toilet tissue tube at the light bulb!! You'll be seeing spots!!

What was the name of the show that featured the leading man that liked to draw cartoon characters He may have been an artist. He had two daughters and a young guy that may have moved in upstairs.?

as distinct from Cartoons- there were ony two regular tv programs- both situation comedies which were about the life and times of a Cartoonist. One was He and She and the strip he drew was called (... Read More »