How to Draw a Triangle in Photoshop?

Answer Adobe Photoshop allows users to edit photos and create graphics. Users can open photos taken from a camera or scanner and add enhancements to the pictures using effects, color, lighting, text and s... Read More »

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How to Draw a Nutrition Triangle?

Have you ever been given a homework assignment, and had to draw a nutrition triangle, but you had no idea what that is?

How to Draw a Perpendicular Triangle?

A perpendicular triangle, also known as a right triangle, is a triangle that contains a 90 degree angle. Perpendicular triangles are commonly seen in engineering and construction and are useful for... Read More »

How to Draw a Triangle in Indesign?

Creating geometric shapes and designs can be both tricky and at the same time simple, depending of course on the application you choose. Using Adobe InDesign makes it both straightforward and eloqu... Read More »

How to Draw an Equilateral Triangle?

Anybody can draw a triangle. But what if you need a super-exact triangle with three equal sides? Here's how to make one: