How to Draw a Standing Cat?

Answer Cats are lovable household animals. You will usually find them perched on a fence or running around looking for food. Drawing a standing cat doesn't differ much from drawing a sitting cat, the only... Read More »

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How to Draw a Standing Horse?

Horses are fun to draw because even though their general structure is quite simple, the multiple breeds offer lots of options for customizing the drawing. Spots, solid colors, long hair, and short ... Read More »

How to Draw Standing Anthro Wolves?

Anthro wolves is short for anthropomorphism wolves. Drawing anthro wolves is to draw an animal which is a representation of a wolf and a human. A wolf with human facial and physical traits. Drawing... Read More »

How to Draw a Standing Black Bear?

Black bears are secretive, shy animals. They can travel long distances and have a great sense of direction. The males have a habit of scratching particular trees to communicate their presence to ot... Read More »

How to Draw a Rabbit Standing Up Step by Step?

Drawing a rabbit that is standing, rather than down on all fours, as people often see it, may seem complicated. However, there is little difference between the shapes drawn in the two positions. Th... Read More »