How to Draw a Sketched Shape Using Inkscape?

Answer Completed workInkscape is used for creating vector graphics, but just because it is a vector image doesn't mean it has to look like it. Read this article to learn how to do it. If you don't have In... Read More »

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How to Draw Gears in Inkscape?

Drawing uniform, symmetrical gears can be difficult, whether you do it by hand or on the computer. If you have Inkscape, though, it's much easier!

How to Draw a Hackergotchi with Inkscape?

Beginning image and completed workA hackergotchi is an avatar used in blog aggregators.[1] Traditionally they are made in GIMP and consist of a digital headshot with a drop shadow, but this article... Read More »

Tips on Using Inkscape?

Inkscape is a free, open-source program for creating vector graphics and icons. It contains many options that can be confusing for a neophyte to first learn, but then become easy and automatic with... Read More »

How to Trace an Image Using Inkscape?

The toolTracing an image in Inkscape can be used to vectorize (convert from raster bitmap to vector) an image. The trace bitmap tool is also available outside Inkscape here.