How to Draw a Polygon?

Answer Want to draw a multi-sided polygon? Here it is! These steps applies to any types of polygon and you can do this with just a pencil and a ruler!

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There used to be a tv show in the 90's that featured a man who used to teach children how to draw He put the pencil to his forehead and yelled draw draw draw What was this show called?

The show was called "Imagination Station" with Mark Kistler. He is still drawing to this day!

What is a chevron polygon?

In mathematical terms, a quadrilateral polygon, also known as a chevron polygon, is a closed, straight-lined, two-dimensional plane with four sides, and is composed of two pair of consecutive congr... Read More »

How to Construct a Polygon?

Constructing a polygon is a fun geometry skill that can also be instructive in learning about shapes, angles and geometry. The word polygon comes from Greek "polus", which means many and "gonia" wh... Read More »

How many sides does a chevron polygon have?

A polygon is a plane figure compiled of line segments that are bounded by a closed path. A chevron is a quadrilateral, which is a polygon having four sides and four corners. It has the shape of a d... Read More »