How to Draw a Pinto Horse?

Answer Pinto horses are the only horse that is not bred for its genes, but rather bred for its camouflage colors. Native Americans preferred using pintos during battle, as they provided a natural camoufla... Read More »

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How to Draw a Horse?

A horse is a complex animal, but can be drawn quite simply, if you follow the right procedure. Use this tutorial to learn!

How to Draw a Cartoon Horse?

You can draw a cartoon horse with these great cartoon drawing tips.

How to Draw a Person on a Horse?

The relationship between humans and horses goes back to ancient times. Although the exact date of horse domestication may be in dispute, it was certainly several thousand years B.C. Since then, hum... Read More »

How to Draw a Horse in Armor?

Armored horses were used extensively to wage battle during the Middle Ages. A favored horse breed was called a destrier, which is now extinct. It was a massive, powerful, long-legged beast trained ... Read More »