How to Draw a Perfect Mouth?

Answer Drawing a mouth requires a lot of detail and shaping to appear realistic. Creating the proper fullness and texture may take a little practice before you achieve an image that lives up to your expec... Read More »

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How to Have the Perfect Mouth?

Want to have perfect teeth, lips, and fresh breath? Good! You came to the right place.

How to Draw a Man's Wrinkles at the Mouth?

For a Halloween costume or a theater production, dressing up as an old man can be fun and easy. After acquiring the appropriate clothing and hairstyle, applying makeup to the face is the next step... Read More »

How to Draw a Nose & Mouth?

The most difficult part of drawing the nose and mouth on a portrait is getting the composition right. Placement of the nose and mouth in relation to the eyes and the rest of the face can determine ... Read More »

How to Draw a Perfect Pentagram?

Learn to draw, with the use of simple mathematics, a flawless pentagon or pentacle.