How to Draw a Muscular Arm?

Answer Many people lift weights and do push ups to make their arms look more muscular. While some of these exercise fans just want toned definition, others want a more exaggerated muscular look. When draw... Read More »

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There used to be a tv show in the 90's that featured a man who used to teach children how to draw He put the pencil to his forehead and yelled draw draw draw What was this show called?

The show was called "Imagination Station" with Mark Kistler. He is still drawing to this day!

Can you die from having muscular dystrophy?

yes, because it sort of eats through till ya can't move then ya die

What is the muscular system?

The muscular system includes the cells and tissues in a person's body (and many other animals) that permit movement. These movements result from contractions of filaments within these muscle cells ... Read More »

Muscular System of a Dog?

The muscular system of a dog is part of the larger musculoskeletal system, which incorporates a canine's bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The most important formative period of a y... Read More »