How to Draw a Manga Jester's Hat?

Answer Manga is a cartoon-like art that first originated in ancient Japan. The manga artistic style involves the use of detail and color to create a comic that is more artistic than its predecessors. Draw... Read More »

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How to Draw Manga?

"Manga" refers to comics drawn in a style based on Japanese art, usually published in Japan. This article can help you get started with basic manga drawing techniques, as well as pointing you towar... Read More »

How to Draw a Manga Cat?

A complete manga cat!You have your manga character, and now you need a sidekick. What about a cat? Cats can be cute and are very smart. You can even make your cat have special powers, such as flyin... Read More »

How to Draw a Manga Dog?

If you're making a manga comic, there's nothing like a little puppy love to spice it up! Follow these instructions to create a perfectly cute manga dog that can be a wonderful sidekick to any manga... Read More »

How to Draw Manga Clothing?

Manga and anime are full of interesting clothes, for both fantastical and real-world settings. Learn how to draw convincing clothes on your manga characters in this tutorial.