How to Draw a Little Girl?

Answer Here are some basis steps for drawing a sketch of a little girl.

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How to Draw Little Girl Figures?

Little girls count among artists as a favorite subject for drawing. Their sweet smiles, bow-tied hair and untied shoes are both a challenge and a delight to draw. Although many artists feel that dr... Read More »

How to Draw a Little Girl Holding an Umbrella?

An umbrella is great prop to give to the figure of a little girl you are drawing. The way that she holds it and holds her body in relation to it will communicate a lot about the her character. The... Read More »

How to Update Your Bedroom from Little Girl to Teen Girl?

Are you a teenage girl who's living in a bedroom made for a five year-old? Are you embarrassed to have friends over because they'll see your huge array of stuffies or your pastel pink teddy bear be... Read More »

How to Draw a Little Castle?

Castles were often before architectural developments allowed for intricate shapes and extensive exterior detail. Rulers constructed them for protection and subsequently built them in broad, blocky ... Read More »