How to Draw a Leo Sign?

Answer The fifth period of the zodiac is Leo, which is the period of time from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August. Astrologers associate the lion with the symbol and it is a part of Leo's iconography.... Read More »

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How to Draw a Sign?

A sign is a drawing that tells the viewer a short piece of information. It can also warn people from something. It should, however, be different than the real thing (in an attractive way, if used t... Read More »

How to Draw a Peace Sign?

Completed peace signThe peace sign originated in the military, when people would bring both arms down in an upside down "V" position, which stood for the letter "N". The "N" stood for Nuclear. When... Read More »

How to Draw a Dollar Sign?

This article helps in drawing a U.S. dollar sign in a simple method with easy images and clear steps.

How to Draw the Peace Sign With Your Hand?

British artist Gerald Holtom first created the peace sign in 1958. It originally stood for nuclear disarmament by combining the letters "N" and "D" of the Navy's semaphore code to create the symbol... Read More »