How to Draw a Human Eye?

Answer This will teach you how to draw realistic human eyes.

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How to Draw Human Faces?

Drawing is a rewarding craft. Besides being lots of fun, learning to draw a realistic face is a key skill to learn to pursue the art of drawing and making a living by it. It takes practice, but not... Read More »

How to Draw a Human Skeleton?

The human skeleton provides the structure of the human body. Learn how to draw a simplified human skeleton by following this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Draw a Human Heart?

Despite the fact it may look complicated, the heart is just a pump, and it's easy to draw.

How to Draw a Human Nose?

What's in a nose? Quite a bit when it comes to portraiture and figure drawing! The nose can make or break a drawing of the human face, but learning to do so properly is much easier than one might t... Read More »