How to Draw a Howling Wolf?

Answer Learn to draw a howling wolf. Just follow these easy steps.Note: follow the red lines for each step.

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How to Draw a Wolf?

Need to draw a wolf but having trouble doing it by hand? You have come to the right place. This article will give you step-by-step instructions for drawing the perfect wolf.

How to Draw a Mad Wolf?

A mad wolf evokes images of werewolves and snarling teeth. When threatened or preparing to attack, the face of a wolf changes completely. The muscles in its face contract, and the upper lip lifts t... Read More »

How to Draw a Gray Wolf?

The gray wolf, or timber wolf, is a North American carnivorous animal that is related to the Canidae family. As this group of mammals is similar to large-bred domesticated dogs, you may notice the ... Read More »

How to Draw a Running Wolf?

Wolves are one of the largest members of the dog family. They are beautiful powerful creatures with a distinctive howl. Learn how to capture this beauty by drawing a running wolf.