How to Draw a Horizontal Line Segment & a Vertical Line Segment That Intersect?

Answer The rules of math cover everything from how to multiply large numbers to the proper way to draw points on a graph. One of those rules include different types of lines. A line with two arrows at eac... Read More »

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What Is a "Line Segment"?

A line is a straight, one-dimensional geometrical figure that has no beginning or end and extends infinitely. It can pass through points but does not end at any point. A line is typically drawn wit... Read More »

How to Find the Midpoint of a Line Segment?

In Geometry, being able to find the midpoint of a line is a crucial skill. This article will teach you how to do so. Could you find the midpoint of this line?

How to Construct a Perpendicular Line Segment?

Constructing a perpendicular line segment is one of the basic operations in geometrical construction. Other basic operations include bisecting angles, dividing line segments and duplicating angles.... Read More »

How to Divide a Line Segment Into Four Equal Parts?

Dividing a line into four equal parts often proves a simple task if you have a detailed ruler. You can simply measure the width of the line, divide it by four, and draw a marking at each quarter-po... Read More »