How to Draw a Happy Face?

Answer You may not know how to draw a smiley face. Or you already know how, you're just coming to this page for fun. But anyway, here's an article on how to draw a happy face!

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How to Draw a Happy Lemon?

Lemons are healthy, tasty and fun to draw. Their round shape can be done with a few pencil traces and makes a perfect canvas for adding colorful details. This fruit´s simple composition allows the... Read More »

How to Type a Happy Face?

Good old written sentiments not truly expressing your joy?Looking for a way to add a little fun into those 'You're fired' statements?Here's how to put some happiness into your sentences..

How to Make a Happy Face in Sculptris?

Finished faceOkay, so maybe you're nobody's idea of an artist but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun of drawing! You can still use drawing programs that will allow you to explore and... Read More »

How to Make Happy Face Pancakes?

Use any plain pancake batter to make happy face pancakes. No special equipment needed!