How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark?

Answer These are species of sharks that have been named after the shape of their head, which looks like a hammer. And did you know that hammerheads are one of a few animals that can get a tan by exposing ... Read More »

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How big is a three-month-old hammerhead shark?

The size of a three-month-old hammerhead shark depends on the species. The Florida State College website states that there are nine species ranging from ten to twenty feet when fully grown, but the... Read More »

Hammerhead Shark Games?

Even in this age of technology and computer games, card and trivia games can still excite kids while instilling a bit of knowledge along the way. If your children like hammerhead sharks or sharks ... Read More »

How many teeth does a hammerhead shark have?

A hammerhead shark has a total of approximately 38 to 46 teeth. Each side of the upper jaw has about 13 to 15 smooth, triangular teeth, and sometimes a small central tooth, called a symphyseal. The... Read More »

Hammerhead Shark's Diet?

Hammerhead sharks, or Sphyrnidae sphyrna, are found all over the world in the deepest parts of the ocean, usually far away from land. They are grayish in color, sometimes appearing to have a green... Read More »