How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark?

Answer These are species of sharks that have been named after the shape of their head, which looks like a hammer. And did you know that hammerheads are one of a few animals that can get a tan by exposing ... Read More »

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Hammerhead Shark Games?

Even in this age of technology and computer games, card and trivia games can still excite kids while instilling a bit of knowledge along the way. If your children like hammerhead sharks or sharks ... Read More »

Free Hammerhead Shark Games?

There are numerous games involving hammerhead sharks that can be played for free on the internet. Many of these games are educational, but some are just shark-themed entertainment.There are eight s... Read More »

How big is a three-month-old hammerhead shark?

The size of a three-month-old hammerhead shark depends on the species. The Florida State College website states that there are nine species ranging from ten to twenty feet when fully grown, but the... Read More »

Hammerhead Shark School Projects?

The hammerhead shark is characterized by its incredibly odd-shaped head that resembles a hammer. While this may be interesting enough to engage students at first, you may have to rely on activities... Read More »