How to Draw a Greek Column?

Answer This article would benefit from illustrations. You can help wikiHow by adding illustrations to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2010-06-02.Have you ever wanted to draw a G... Read More »

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How to Draw Greek Hoplites?

Hoplites in ancient Greece were called the infantrymen of the city-states' armies. The Greek word hoplite (οπλιτης) literally means "bearing arms." You need to draw a soldier with his full b... Read More »

How do I draw Greek designs?

ResearchStudy reference photos to see what Greek designs typically look like. Include pictures of Greek pottery as well as Roman paintings. Much of what is known about Greek art comes from Greek po... Read More »

How do I draw ancient Greek designs?

Basic ShapesPractice drawing basic shapes. Pottery showcases much of the art of ancient Greece in the shape of basic geometric forms. In fact, art historians call one of the periods of ancient Gree... Read More »

Excel - make data automatically populate in one column based on value in another column?

The answer depends on how many "Fruits" there will be that a "Price" needs to be set for. And the VLOOKUP function would be one way of handling this.I would probably have the Fruit and Price value... Read More »