How to Draw a Girl's Face\Head That You May Like?

Answer Ever seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, the part where he gives a picture he drew to the girl? Then you think, "that might work if it was good enough". Well here is you how to draw a good face\head ... Read More »

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How to Draw Cat Girls?

Cat girls or Nekomusume in Japanese ("cat daughter")[1] make an excellent subject for drawing. They're cute, they're feline and human at once and they're a fun drawing project.

How to Draw Thick Girls?

Thick is the word used to describe women who are stocky or big-boned. Drawing a thick woman isn't difficult. By creating the basic shape of a woman and expanding on the outer lines, you can create ... Read More »

How to Draw Gothic Girls?

Gothic style is dark and dramatic, and Gothic makeup is almost always all black, with a heavy application of eyeliner and lipstick. Pale-face makeup is also commonly used. Gothic clothing is usuall... Read More »

How to Draw Girls' Hairstyles?

Whether you want to sketch out a few girls' hairstyles to come up with ideas for your own child or you'd like to create basic drawings, three hairstyles represent a good place to start: the side po... Read More »