How to Draw a Girl Laying Down?

Answer One of the most common subjects of artwork is the human form. The female form offers details such as curves that make it an intriguing subject for artists. While it's common to draw a figure standi... Read More »

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Who is the girl laying down doing direct tv commercial?

Can refrigerators be transported laying down?

A refrigerator should never be transported lying down unless it is the only available option. In cases such as this, place the unit on its side as opposed to handle side up.Source:GE Appliances: Re... Read More »

Can you transport a washing machine laying down?

Can I transport an upright freezer laying down?

Upright freezers can be laid on one side for transport, though keeping them upright is still preferable. To minimize the potential harm, keep the side with the compression cable (it should be the o... Read More »