How to Draw a Flying Saucer?

Answer have you ever felt jealous about your friends drawings? Now you can show them just how much talent you have by drawing this amazing flying saucer

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I've seen a flying saucer. What do I do now?

Get yur foil hat.Actually, there's nothing you should do.Continue living your life, I guess.

How to Make a "Flying Saucer"?

You can make a "flying saucer" (really a miniature hot air balloon) with just balsa wood, candles and a dry cleaning bag. It really flies!

How to Make a Flying Saucer Science Project?

Whether you believe in aliens or not, flying saucers are real, or at least the principles of aerodynamics that would cause a flying saucer to take to the air are real. One only needs to look at a f... Read More »

Easy Flying Saucer School Science Fair Project Ideas?

Science fair project ideas do not have to be boring like watching mold or grass grow. Projects can be interactive and even bridge science and science fiction. Flying saucer school science fair proj... Read More »