How to Draw a Dog Face?

Answer A dog's face is endearing to humans whether in real life or drawn on paper. Getting the proportions accurate can be a little tricky, especially for a novice drawer, but by following these easy step... Read More »

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How to Draw a Face from Ten out of Ten?

If someone you know got ten out of ten on a test and you want to show you're proud or to say well done, you can make a face from 10 out of ten. Or if you just want to draw a cartoon face, then foll... Read More »

How to Draw a Cat Face?

Cat faces are much beloved by any person who appreciates cats––they're beautifully proportioned, bewhiskered and beguiling. Drawing your own cat face will not be a one-off experience, as you'll... Read More »

How to Draw a Face?

Draw a FaceFaces can be incredibly difficult things to draw realistically. There are so many features to think about. Do your faces always have noses the size of an elephant's trunk, or a mouth lik... Read More »

How to Draw Your Face?

A lot of people have been wanting to know how to draw themselves, so this article will tell you how. At first, it may not look as good as you think, you just have to keep practicing.