How to Draw a Desert?

Answer A desert is a landscape with a very dry climate. Not many kinds of plants can survive over there. But there is something beautiful about deserts. Let’s learn how to draw one!

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How to Draw a Desert Tortoise?

The desert tortoise is characterized by its high domed, greenish to dark brown colored shell and heavy, claw-like limbs suitable for digging. The protective shell allows the tortoise to live betwee... Read More »

How to Draw Desert Animals?

In this tutorial you will learn to draw one of the most famous and favorite desert animals- a camel!

The desert light is so bright what is the best way to photograph the desert with a digital camera for the layperson?

Answer Whenever taking a photo try to put the sun directly behind you so that it is lighting up the target. Also your camera may have a setting that will change the exposure time for the picture, l... Read More »

There used to be a tv show in the 90's that featured a man who used to teach children how to draw He put the pencil to his forehead and yelled draw draw draw What was this show called?

The show was called "Imagination Station" with Mark Kistler. He is still drawing to this day!