How to Draw a Decision Tree?

Answer This tutorial will teach you to draw a simple decision tree. If you wish to actually use it to weigh pros and cons, write the each decision and its consequences than using colors.

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How to Explain a Decision Tree?

The simplest way to explain a decision tree is to draw out the decision tree in the company of the person or persons who are involved with the decision you are to make. By showing them the creation... Read More »

What is a decision tree analysis?

Decision trees shows potential results for any proposed situation or question. Main issues make up the trunk of the tree, and the branches are the outcomes that could take place depending on the ch... Read More »

Decision Tree Strategy?

Decision making is part of running a business, managing a project or handling your own finances and lifestyle. While many different skills play into decision making, a formal analysis can help make... Read More »

How to Create a Decision Tree?

A decision tree is a kind of flowchart -- a graphical representation of the process for making a decision or a series of decisions. Businesses use them to determine company policy, sometimes simply... Read More »