How to Draw a Cow Eating Grass?

Answer Drawing and sketching shapes and figures helps develop and improve hand and eye coordination, as well as your art skills. One simple sketch to create is a cow eating grass. Basic cow drawings can b... Read More »

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How to Draw a Bunny Eating Grass?

Creating a series of circles forms the shape of a bunny's body. The bunny is depicted sitting sideways, eating grass with his teeth showing.

Can you live off eating grass?

Yes you can, for a short period of time. The grass has glucose, and liquids inside of it, probably really little, but it still has. If oyu have a lot of grass, and can somehow extract/consume the g... Read More »

Why is my dog cowering&eating grass?

While a pet owner may find it odd to see her dog eating grass, there are many natural, healthy reasons he may start nibbling in the yard. Cowering may be a sign of something more serious.Function o... Read More »

What is wrong when your cat is eating grass?

Domesticated cats will sometimes crave grass---it's simply in the animal's nature. But letting a cat eat just any grass can cause problems. There are some simple solutions to this frequent problem ... Read More »